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Application of active hd video transmission receiver in detecting robot

In August 2018, Mr. Dan from Canada contacted us on hd video transmission, the purchasing manager of Inuktun Services Ltd. They are a company that uses eddy currents and other electromagnetic technologies for non-destructive testing of robots, such as nuclear power surface inspection and power generation, surface and pipeline inspection of non-ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

At first, we were curious as to why they were interested in our CCTV active receiver as a robotic inspection company. Because this is two different industries. What is the connection?

After communicating with Mr. Dan, we learned that they usually installed a camera on the robotic inspection device. Due to engineering needs, they needed a video device that could be transmitted over long distances. Therefore, our active receiver can be part of the video signal chain.

Mr. Dan then purchased our TT-203ARHD sample for testing. A week later, we received feedback from Mr. Dan. He said in the mail that our TT-203ARHD can be perfectly combined with their equipment and is very satisfied with the test results. They quickly placed a formal order and purchased a batch of TT-203ARHD again in the first half of 2019.

We are very fortunate to see Mr. Dan and this discussion. This case also refreshes our view that the scope of application of the product cannot be limited to one solution or specific industry, and everything is interoperable. At the same time, we hope that we can find more possibilities in the future.

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