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Air Photocatalyst Purification UVC Lamp

 Air Photocatalyst Purification UVC Lamp

There are three different types of ultraviolet light:
UVA: 320-400nm ultraviolet rays reach the ground carbon, causing aging or skin damage
UVB: Less than 2% of 280-320nm can reach the earth, causing sunburn or skin cancer
UVC: The wavelength of 100-280nm is especially good at sterilization, the shorter the wavelength, the weaker the penetration ability, and it is absorbed by atmospheric ozone (the only one with antivirus function, the other two are not antivirus)
UVC sterilization principle: Ultraviolet rays can damage the DNA or RNA of bacteria and viruses, making them inactive and unable to reproduce. Once they have no ability to reproduce, it means death and achieves the sterilization effect.
In addition, a photocatalyst filter is added to remove formaldehyde, which can decompose toxic diseases and substances through a photocatalytic reaction.

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